Fabric Care


HB LUXE Linens are hand printed on natural grounds with surface pigments, and are recommended for Professional Cleaning only. We do not recommend machine washing or extensive hand washing. Small spots may be washed by hand, but please test in an inconspicuous spot before trying on the main body of the textile.

Although water will not damage or leave marks on the linens, if you saturate the material it may shrink as it dries – so Professional cleaning is recommended.

For draperies, periodic light vacuuming with a hand held attachment is recommended to help keep dust off of the fibers.


Wrinkles and Ironing

HB LUXE Linen and linen blend fabrics may wrinkle easily and may require pressing. You can iron them with or without steam on the linen temperature setting (medium-high).



HB LUXE fabrics are intended for drapery or light upholstery application uses. They rank 10,000 Martindale cycles for abrasion testing.


Sunlight / Fading

HB LUXE natural fabrics are not guaranteed against fading or dye lot variation, and are not pretreated for fade resistance.